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The Valet Away Way

Trash Collection is done daily, depending on the community.


Simply place your trash bag into our provided trash containers before 8 pm


Our staff will come by and collect the trash starting at 8 pm.

Marble Surface


Key in the Lock
  • Body camera use and staff presence provide extra security.

  • No more late night trash drop offs.


Family Walking On the Beach
  • Easy disposal of your trash, just set it and forget it.

  • Allowing you extra time and less hastle.


  • Reduce foul smells in the hall ways.

  • Reduce trash debris.

  • Prevent rodent and bug infestations.

  • I never got or I lost my trash container, who should I call to get one?"
    Contact your leasing office to let them know you don't have one. They will then contact us, and we will get one to your unit immediately.
  • I got a notice letter at my door, what should I do next?"
    The notice letter should indicate why you recieved one (e.g. placing restricted items in the containers.) Contact the leasing office for any questions.
  • My trash hasn't been taken for more than 2 nights in a row.
    If we missed taking your trash out on a scheduled day, please contact us as soon as possible. Subject "Immediate - (your community name)" Email: or text/call (360) 797-5379 (Provide Community name and unit number)
  • How much am I paying monthly for my Valet Away Amenities?
    The provided amenities from Valet Away are settled with your leasing office at move-in date. Contact your leasing office for further questions.
  • I want to cancel my trash service, who do I contact?"
    You should contact your leasing office, however the provided amenity is set by the community director for all residents.
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