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Our Services

We provide the following services on an as needed basis or set schedule.

Contact us Today to set a schedule for your community. 


Daily Door to Door Trash Pickup

Daily trash pick-up from residents' doors; Pickup time is between 7PM-12AM

Image by Ben Neale

Bulk Item Removal

We remove acceptable bulk items such as mattresses, couches, furniture, electronics. Monthly Pickup.

Garbage Dump Recycling Service

Corral Cleaning

Cleanup & Organization in and around garbage containment rooms. Pressure washing available as well. 

Image by Erik Mclean

Pet Station Clean-up

Remove & replace waste bins

Image by Alp Duran

Dumpster Pullout

We come by on a set schedule and pull out your dumpster containers; after dumpster is emptied we come by to put the container back into its spot.

Cleaning Barbecue Grill

Common Area Cleaning

 Cobweb, Dusting Walkways/Areas, Light fixture cleaning, Shared equipment and appliances cleanup, clubhouse cleaning

What we do for YOU: 

  • Increase Revenue

  • Improve Maintenance Efficiency

  • Increase and Maintain Curbside Appeal 

  • Guaranteed Lowest Pricing!

  • Provide Added Security with our Body Camera use


Breezeway & Walkway Blowing

We come with a blower and collect trash and dispose of the debris

chairs by pool

Pool Furniture Daily

And More..

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